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Stone Workers’ Union Resources

Historical Research Relating to Labor


  • Admission to American Trade Unions, by French Eugene Wolfe, Johns Hopkins Press, 1912, 181 pp. (This book is downloadable in PDF format on Google Book Search - Full View Books.)
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  • American Labor Unions’ Constitutions and Proceedings (microform), compiled by Bernard G. Naas. (1836-1980 and 1981-1990), 481 microfilm reels, Princeton University Industrial Relations Library, Labor Union Convention Practices. (Some of the elevant names include: (1) Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL-CIO); 1909; (2) Cement, Lime and Gypsum Workers International Union; (3) Marble, Stone, Slate Polishers, Rubbers, and Sawyers, Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Helpers International Association; (4) Stone and Allied Products Workers of America, United; (5) United Mine Workers of America; 1890
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  • Artistry and activism: Stonecutters have made their mark in communities, workplaces,” by Randy Croce (Workday Minnesota), December 21, 2009. 

  • Ascendency of Machinery over the Power of Sinew and Muscle,” Scientific American, June 20, 1868.
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  • British Labour Statistics: Historical Abstract 1886-1968, Great Britain. Dept. of Employment and Productivity, 1971.
  • Bureau of Mines, United States – Publications
    • Bureau of Mines Publications and Journal Articles 1910-1996. U. S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service (NTIS). (From the web site: “The United States Bureau of Mines of the Department of the Interior was established in 1910 by the Department of the Interior and abolished on March 30, 1996. NTIS maintains the entire collection of the Bureau's publications, some 5,000 documents….”)
    • Records of the Bureau of Mines (1860-1996), Guide to Federal Records, the National Archives.
    • United States Bureau of Mines Collection, United States Department of Labor, Mine, Safety, & Health Administration (MSHA), Technical Information Center and Library, National Mine Safety and Safety Academy. (From the web site: “In response to the growing number of fatalities in the mining industry, the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) was established in 1910 to promote improved safety in mining through research and training. The Technical Information Center & Library’s USBM’s collection consists of virtually every publication produced by that agency since its beginning. The USBM provided information to the public on the minerals industry. In September, 1995, the Congress voted to abolish the USBM. The Library’s USBM collection includes the following: Bulletins, Minerals Yearbook, Reports of Investigations, Miners Circulars, Information Circulars, Technical Progress Reports, Handbooks, and Open File Reports.” Each type of publication is described on the MSHA Library web site.)
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  • A Government of American Trade Unions, by Theodore W. Glocker, A dissertation submitted to the Board of University Studies of The Johns Hopkins University in Conformity with the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, 1907, Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins Press, 1913. (Stone cutters and granite cutters are discussed on pp. 138-139. This book is downloadable in PDF format on Google Book Search - Full View Books.)
  • The Granite-cutters' Journal, Westerly, R.I.: The National Union, Firestone Microforms Services. (Microfilm S01395 at Princeton University, Industrial Relations Library, Princeton, New Jersey.)
    • Granite Cutters' Journal - Uncovering Cousins: Granite Cutters' Journal (The following link is no longer available.) <http://www.uncoveringcousins.com/granitejournal.htm>

      Description: Transcriptions from the Granite Cutters’ Journal, a monthly publication of the Granite Cutters National Union. Articles include not only information on the granite industry, but also personal information on union members. Branch reports are from the U. S. and Canada, but there are often references to other countries such as Scotland and England. The Journal was first published in April 1877.

  • The Granite Cutters’ Journal, Vol. 35, by the Granite Cutters’ International Association of America, Granite Cutters’ National Union of the United States of America, 1911. (These issues of this magazine are available for reading or downloading in PDF on Google Books – Full View Books)
  • The Granite Cutters’ National Union,” in Stone, An Illustrated Magazine, October 1892
  • The Growth of American Trade Unions, 1880-1923, by Leo Wolman, New York, N.Y.: National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc., 1924 (3 editions), 170 pp., ISBN: 0405076150. (Chapter on “Chemical, Clay, Glass, and Stone,” pp. 57; viewable on Google Book Search.)
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  • Labor Problems: A Text Book, by Thomas Sewall Adams, Helen Laura Sumner, Macmillan, 1905, 579 pp. (Includes a chapter on immigrant workers.) (This book is downloadable in PDF format on Google Book Search - Full View Books.)
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  • The Labor Problems of American Society, by Carroll Roop Daugherty, John Bishop Parrish, Houghton Mifflin, 1952, 846 pp.
  • Labor Unions, Edited by Gary M. Fink, Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1977, 520 pp. (Greenwood encyclopedia of American institutions) (Contains historical sketches of more than 200 national unions and labor federations that have been part of the American labor movement.)
  • Labor’s Story in the United States, by Philip Yale Nicholson, Temple University Press, 2004, 376 pp., ISBN: 1592132391.
  • Labour History (Journal), a scholarly journal published in Australia by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, description on Wikipedia.
  • Labour History Review (Journal), a scholarly journal published in the United Kingdom by the Society for the Study of Labour History, description on Wikipedia.
  • The Lean Years: A History of the American Worker, 1920-33, by Irving Berstein, 1966.
  • The Manufacture of Concrete Blocks and Their Use in Building, by Harmon Howard Rice, William M. Torrance, The Engineering News Publishing Company, 1905, 122 pp. (Stone cutters are discussed in this book.) (This book is downloadable in PDF format on Google Book Search - Full View Books.)
  •  “Memorializing the Civil War Dead:  Modernity and Corruption under the Grant Administration” (pdf), by Bruce S. Elliott, in Markers XXVI, Association for Gravestone Studies, 2011, pp. 15-55.  (Reprinted with permission of the Association for Gravestone Studies.) 

    This article describes the need to mass produce the Civil War headstones rather than by individual stone carvers. Contracts for the headstones and bases were given out to several different quarries and companies in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Tennessee. The need for large numbers of markers also increased the use of the sandblasting process to speed up carving the names on the stones. Both mass production the sandblasting process caused great changes in the work of the stone carvers, which led to demands by the stone workers’ unions, such as the eight-hour work day.

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  • The Stone Cutters’ Journal Magazine, Journeymen Stone Cutters’ Association of North America, Issued monthly at Indianapolis, Indiana.  Organized 1855.  Affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, Building Trades Department, Division Trades of Congress.  (Available in Google Books.)
  • The Stone Cutters’ Union and the Stone-Planer,” by George E. Barnett, in The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. XXIV, No. 5, May 1916, University of Chicago, Department of Political Economy, University of Chicago Press, 1916, pp. 417-444. (This article is available on Google Books - Full View Books for reading or downloading in PDF format in a collection of Vol. 24, Issues No. 1-6, 1916 - Scroll down to this article.)
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  • Workers and the State in Twentieth Century Nova Scotia, Michael Earle, Frederiction: Acadiensis Press, 1989.

Notes on Unions:

(from The Samual Gompers Papers web site - Glossary - Individual Organizations section.)

The Granite Cutters' International Union of the United States and the British Provinces of America was formed in 1877. In 1880 it changed its name to the Granite Cutters' National Union of the United States of America and in the following year participated in the formation of the FOTLU. It joined the AFL in 1888, but left the Federation in 1890, rejoining in 1895. In 1905 it adopted the name Granite Cutters' International Association of America.

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