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Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States
Other Than the State of Maryland
(and compared to the stone quarried in Maryland)

Excerpt from Maryland Geological Survey, Vol. II
"A History of the (Maryland) Quarrying Industry"

By Edward B. Mathews

1898, pp. 81-90.

Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States
(in Georgia)

Georgia. This state has several quarries of granite, and in its northern portion extensive deposits of coarse crystalline granular building marble. This last named is coming into very general use for building, monumental and interior work, even in cities as far north as Boston. Its consideration is therefore important here. A deep dark gray, nearly black roofing slate also occurs at Rockmart in Polk county, which is find a slight market outside of the state. The statistics for 1889 as given are as below:

Granite 2,425,622 cubic feet, valued at $752,481.00; slate 3,050 square feet, valued at $14,850.00; marble 25,000 square feet, valued at $196,250.00.

The quarries, it should be noted, are all remote from waterways, and transportation is therefore limited to railroads.

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