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The Arkansas Stone Industry 1883 and 1884

Excerpts from

Mineral Resources of the United States - Calendar Years 1883 and 188

Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey
Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., 1885.

Buhrstones: "Nearly all the buhrstones used in this country are imported. They come mainly from France, the principal locality of production there being the Paris basin. They are also imported in smaller amounts from Belgium and Germany.."

"Stones answering some of the purposes of buhrstones are found in various parts of the United States and are quarried and worked to some extent. The leading localities in which these stones are found are as follows: Ulster county, New York-the stone, which is known as Esopus stone, is a quartzite of variable texture and hardness; Lancaster county, Pennsylvania-this stone, which is known to the trade as the Cocalico, is a conglomerate, and is found in the form of bowlders scattered over the surface; Peninsula, Ohio, where a white variety of the Berea Grit is worked, mainly for the purpose of grinding oatmeal and barley. In addition to the above localities, stones more or less suitable for coarse work are, or have been, quarried in parts of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Arkansas. They are also reported to exist in Owen.s Lake valley, and in the Pitt River country, in California."

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