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Brunner & Lay

Manufacturers of Marble, Stone, Granite and Bricklayers’ Tools
Stone Jacks, Derricks, and Contractors’ Supplies

570 West Polk Street,
Corner Jefferson and Polk Streets,
Chicago, Illinois Phone Wabash 5302

(The following is a list of the tools displayed in the Brunner & Lay catalog in the order the are presented. There is no date in the catalog. Below is a list of tools presented in the catalog and the index. (Please Note: You can also use this Brunner and Lay Tool Catalog PDF link to view the booklet in PDF format.) Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo.)

Outside Covers of Brunner and Lay Catalog

Brunner Lay Catalog List of Tools

Index (located on the back cover)

Page 1

Stone Jacks

Hard Maple Rollers

Page 2

Marble Cutting and Lettering Tools

Plain Chisels, Tooth Chisels, Mallet Points, Splitters, Droves, Hammer points

Page 3

Marble Frosting Tools

Marble Brace Drills

Bow Drill


Plain Tools, each 1 c.

Tooth Chisels, each - 3 c.

Tooth Chisels shipped alone, each - 4 c

Stone Bush-Hammers, each - $1.00

Stone Tooth Axes, each - 40 c.

Page 4

Bedford Stone Cutting Tools

(Tooth Chisels, Chisels, Droves, Splitters, Mallet Points, Hammer Points)

Page 5

Sandstone Cutting Tools

(Tooth Chisels, Plain Chisels, Splitters, Mallet Points, Droves, Hammer Points and Lifters)

Page 6

Limestone Cutting Tools

(Tooth Chisels, Plaini Chisels, Splitters, Mallet Points, Toolers, Hammer Points)

Page 7

Stone Bush-Hammers

Tooth Axes


Page 8

Pitching Tools for Lime, Sand and Bedford Stone, and Marble

Stone-Breaking Tools

Hand Tool Chiseler

Patent Hand Tooling Tool

Page 9

Tool Steel Stone Wedges

Plugs and Feathers from 10 to 40 in. long

Ball or Churn Drills

Hand Drills For Stone and Marble

Rose and Star Drills

Page 10

Granite Lettering Tools

Granite Cutters’ Points

Granite Cutters’ Chisels

Granite Pitching Tools

Page 11

Granite Bush-Hammers

Scotia Hammers

Hand Bush Chisels

Page 12

Wedge Lead For Setting Granite

Wedge Lead Calking Tool

Wedge Lead Trimming Tool

Letterer’s Square

Page 13

Granite Bull Sets

Granite Pene Hammers

Granite Moulding and Lettering Pick

Granite Cutters’ and Letterers’ Hand Hammers

Page 14

Granite Hand Drill

Granite Cutters’ and Letterers’ Eye Glasses

Pneumatic Plug and Dowell Drill and Wrench

Pneumatic Marble frosting Tool

Page 15

Keller Pneumatic Valveless Tool

Keller Valved Plug Drill

Page 16

Pneumatic Tools For Any Make of Hammer, Marble and Stone (Plain Chisels, Tooth Chisels)

Carving and Lettering Tools (Splitters, Tooth Chisels, Plain Chisels)

Page 17

Pneumatic Tools For Any Make Hammer, Granite Lettering and Cutting (Granite Chisels, Granite Points, Granite Splitter, Cleaning Up Chisels, Pneumatic Carving Drills)

Page 18

Pneumatic Ripping Tools

Page 19

Pneumatic Tools (Two-Blade Tools; Peaning Tool, 4 Teeth; Peaning, 9 teeth; Penning, 16 teeth; Three-Blade Tool; Four-Blade Tool)

Page 20

Surfacer Bush Chisels

Steel Straight Edges With Lead Cushions

Surfacing Points

Page 21

Surfacing Cross Chisel

Granite Letterer’s Diamond Pencil

Pneumatic Bush Chisel

Page 22

Pneumatic Tool Hose

Improved Air Brass Stop Cocks

Hardened Steel Hose Nipples

Iron Hose Nipples

Page 23

Second Growth Hickory Hammer Handles

Bush and Pene Hammer Handles

Sledge and Striking hammer Handles

Dugan’s Patcher (“For invisible patching, filling holes, broken edges and corners. For Buff and Blue Bedford, Ohio Sand Stone and Red Sand Stone. No delay in using this Patcher. All patches can be trimmed ten minutes after applied....”)

Page 24

Second Growth Hickory Mallets

Imported French Carvers, Rasps

Half-Round Marble Files

Flat Marble Files

Page 25

Sandstone Crandall

Winding Blocks


Page 26

Polishing Materials (Scotch Shot; Putty Powder, Waddell’s; Pumice Stone, Scotch Hone, Black Hone, Gray Caron or Kentucky Hone; Nova Scotia Grit; Coarse Grit; Brimstone Roll; Oxalic Acid; Sponges; Polishing Felt; Emery; White Sand; Diamond Crushed Steel; Camwood; Red Kiel or Hard Chalk; Carborundum, grain, Carborundum Rub Stones; Carborundum Wheels)

Page 27

Meyer’s German Imported Cement

Page 28

Imported Composition Pumice

Adjustable Wrought Steel Brick Handling Tongs

Granite Stain Eradicator

Page 29

Pin Lewises

Steel Crowbars

Solid Tool Steel Setting Bars

Claw and Point Bar

Page 30

Steel Beam Traveler

Grabs to handle Polished Marble Stone or Granite

Page 31

Jack Screws

Steel Stamps

Cast-Iron Screws

Burning Brand

Street Pavers’ Hammers

Page 32

Stone Planer Tools

Solid Moulding Tool

Patent Planer, Tooth Chiseling or Tooling Tool

Page 33

Undercut Tools

Right & Left Bevel Edge Plow Tool

Drip Tools

Bottom wash Tool

Page 34

Moulding Plate Holder

Stone Planer Splitter

Double End Drip Tool

Page 35

Hand Power Pole Derrick

Page 36

Three-Legged Derrick For Monumental Setting

Page 37

Setters’ Derrick

Page 38

Hand-Power Guy Derrick for 4 or More Guy Lines

Page 39

Hand Power Portable Stiff Leg Derrick

Page 40

Hand Power Jib Crane

Page 41

Full Circle Stiff Leg Derrick

Page 42

Steam or Horse-Power Guy Derrick For 4 or More Guy Lines

Page 43

Portable Stiff Leg Derrick For Steam or Horse Power

Page 44

Hoisting Winch For Manilla Rope

Cone Drum Hoisting Winch For Manilla Rope

Page 45

Single Drum Hoisting Winch For Wire Rope

Single Drum Double Purchase Winch For Wire or Manilla Rope With Brake

Page 46

Double Drum Hoisting Winch For Wire or Manilla Rope

Double Drum and Double Purchase Hoisting Winch For Wire or Manilla Rope With Brake

Page 47

Hoisting Crab For Manilla Rope

Cone Drum Hoisting Crab for Manilla Rope

Page 50

Mast Bottom Step and Boom Plates

Wrought Iron Top Stiff Leg Irons

Lower Stiff Leg Irons

Page 51

Mast Top and Sheaves

Mast Bottom Step and Boom Plates

Page 52

Derrick Guy Tightener

Guide Sheave With Wrought Steel Frame (For Wire or Manilla Rope)

Mast Bracket With Sheaves

Page 53

Wire Rope Guy Cap

Boom Sheave and Boxes

Wire Rope Sheaves

Boom Point, Links, Straps and Sheave

Page 54

Heavy Steel Shell, Wire and Manilla Rope Blocks

Page 55

Heavy Steel Shell, Wire and Manilla Rope Blocks

Heavy Steel Shell Snatch Block

Pein Sledges

Double-Faced Striking Sledges

Page 56

Inside Iron Strapped Blocks

Steel Tackle Blocks

Page 57

Manilla Rope

Steel Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire Rope Clips

Page 58

Galvanized Wire Guy Rope

Hoisting Rope

Steel and Norway Iron Chain

Hard Maple Rollers

Page 59

Steel Bull Wheel

Page 60

Steel Derrick Foot Hooks and Chains

Tooth Chisel Cutting Machines

Page 61

Steel Grab Hooks and Chains

Hand Cars

Page 62

Stone Hand Truck

Four-Wheeled Hand Truck

Patent Anti-Friction Truck and Banker Casters

Page 63

Monumental Hand Truck

Shop and Store Trucks

Page 64

Stone Setters' Grabs

Contractor's Dolly

Page 65

Forged Sheeting Caps

Hickory Mauls

Hickory Head Frost Wedges

Solid Tool Steel Frost or Stone Wedges

Page 66

Hand Power Traveler

Page 67

Hand Power Traveler

Page 68

Bailey Hoist

Page 69

Yale & Towne Triplex Block

Page 70

Quarry or Breaking Hammers

Quarry Sledge

Spaulding Hammers

Masons’ Hammers

Page 71

Stone Picks

Quarry Picks

Bull Point For Stone or Granite

Steel Forged Caisson and Tunnel Diggers’ Grubs

Page 72

Steel Beam Hoisting Grab

Rivet Snaps

Napping Hammers

Drift and Barrall Pins

Page 73

Rivet Busters

Backing Out Punches

Cold Cutters

Steel Forged Fitting Wrenches

Steel Forged Rivet Tongs

Page 74

Brick Hammers

Brick Sketz

Brick Chisels

Tuck-Pointing Tools

Hollow Pipe Drills For Brick

Page 75

Stone Anchors

Column and Beam Anchors

Mason Pin Anchors

Galvanized Iron For Doweling

Page 76

Cement Sidewalk Groover

Cement Edge Groover

Cement Edge Groover for Curb Work

Cement Gutter and Curb Tool

Small Size Cement Groover

Roller for Cement Sidewalk Roughing

Page 77

Steel Plate Tempers

Cast-Iron Tampers, Iron Handles

Cement Impression Name Stamps

Page 78

Power Grind Stone and Frame

Wood Frame Power Grind Stone

Page 79

Mounted grindstone For Hand or Foot Power

Saw Blade Punch

Page 80

Stone and Boulder Breaking Hammer

Polishers’ Hand Scrapers

Bent Handle Stone Barrow

Steel Wire Brushes

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