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Fifth Part.




192. Cylindrical articles, such as columns of clocks, chimney-pieces, cups, vases, candlesticks, basins, etc. are made in the lathe by professional workmen; and even those vases resting upon square or octagonal pedestals, may also be worked by the turner. This is also true of the torso columns of temples and churches.

The turning-lathe is far more expeditious and surer than the chisel; it must be an extraordinary event to cause the failure of an article in the turner's hand; but this is not the case when it is worked with the mallet and chisel.

There are many articles which cannot be executed with the chisel, such as delicate parts of some clocks, candelabras, and candlesticks which are partly in Marble and partly in bronze.

All the fine Marbles unite perfectly with green or gilded bronze. This is true respecting the pedestals of clocks, and the stems, more or less ornamented, which support vases and cups.

It is not an uncommon thing to see workmen understanding the art of the Marble worker, eagerly desire to be able to turn the articles which they apply as ornaments to works which they execute in the atelier.

This is expensive, owing to the room and the tools required, yet it would be very convenient, especially in the provinces, where it is not easy to find turners capable of making the vases, urns, columns, and rosework which are needed.

These workmen would have many advantages over the ordinary turners, as they would understand the nature of Marble, the mode of polishing, and the manner of cementing the defective parts.

It would be an excellent plan for a Marble yard to have a turning lathe for the use of those workmen who have a taste for the art of the turner.

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