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Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States
Other Than the State of Maryland

(and compared to the stone quarried in Maryland)

Excerpt from

Maryland Geological Survey, Vol. II
"A History of the (Maryland) Quarrying Industry"

By Edward B. Mathews

1898, pp. 81-90.

Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States(in Vermont)

Vermont produces a greater variety of materials than either of the above mentioned states (Maine and New Hampshire), including granites, marbles and roofing slates, although few of the granites are of such a nature as to lead to their being transported beyond the state limits, so long as the transportation is limited wholly to railways. The marbles and roofing slates are, however, of such quality as to lead to their use, even under these adverse conditions, in nearly every state in the Union.

During 1889 the Statistics of production of the three classes of stone mentioned above were as below: granite (and allied rocks) 1,073,936 cubic feet, valued at $581,870.00; marbles 1,068,305 cubic feet, valued at $2,169,560.00; roofing slates 236,350 squares, valued at $596,997.00.

The marble of Vermont, it should be stated, is, with the exception of the colored varieties of Mallett's Bay, almost wholly crystalline limestone and of such a nature as to make it better adapted for monumental and decorating work than general building, while those of Maryland are dolomites, and, so far as now developed, almost wholly building marbles.

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