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Proctor, Vermont - Vermont Marble Co.

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  • Proctor Vermont - Vermont Marble Company Marble Quarry (Keystone View Co. photograph and text, #13701, 1913)

    "This, the largest marble quarry in the world, is operated by the Vermont Marble Company, which obtained the foremost rank among companies operating in marble throughout the world. Its precedence came from the masterly ability of its first president, Redfield Proctor, who greatly simplified the methods of quarrying and substituted machinery for manual labor.

    "Professor Brainard, in his 'Marble Border of Western New England,' states that the marble formation of this region extends along the western borders of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, and into New York south of Lake Champlain. These great beds are from 1,000 to 2,000 feet in thickness, though only in certain layers of the middle portion are suitable for the production of marble for building or statuary.

    "The prevailing colors of Vermont marble are white and bluish; but green mottled, and blue-black, even pink and chocolate-red varieties are found in abundance.

    "Marble is quarried also in other states of the Union, but most of the ornamental marbles are imported. The chief foreign marble deposits are found in Italy is famous for its white marble. The ornamental marble, of course, is worth about ten times as much as the structural kind."

    Stereo View of Marble Quarry in Proctor, Vermont
  • Proctor, Vermont - Loading Marble
    (postcard photograph; F. E. Nelson, Rutland, Vt.; no postmark, early 1900s) Postcard photograph; F. E. Nelson, Rutland, Vt.
  • Proctor, Vermont - Marble Quarry
    (colorized postcard photograph #5132; The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, ME., USA; printed in Frankfort, o/Main, Germany. Card shows men working in quarry, early 1900s) colorized postcard photograph #5132
  • Vermont - Marble Company Quarry (postcard photographs; early 1900s; unmailed.)
    Vermont - Marble Company Quarry Vermont - Marble Company Quarry
  • Proctor, Vermont – Quarry
    (postcard photograph, postmark February 18, 1907) Postcard photograph, postmark February 18, 1907
  • Proctor, Vermont - Stone Quarry
    (postcard photograph, early 1900s; unmailed) Proctor, Vermont - Stone Quarry

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