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Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States
Other Than the State of Maryland

(and compared to the stone quarried in Maryland)


Excerpt from Maryland Geological Survey, Vol. II

"A History of the (Maryland) Quarrying Industry"

By Edward B. Mathews
1898, pp. 81-90.
(Kinds of Stone Produced by Other States
in Connecticut)

Connecticut like Massachusetts produces granites, marbles, and sandstones. The marbles like those of Massachusetts are white, crystalline, granular, in part dolomites and in part limestones. The granites, with the exception of some coarsely variegated gneissoid rocks occurring at Stony Creek, are little used outside of the state. The sandstones, and especially those along the Connecticut River, as at Portland and Cromwell, are very extensively quarried and owing to the ready transportation facilities offered by the river, are extensively utilized in all the Eastern cities, and have even been sent around Cape Horn to San Francisco. These sandstones are brown Triassic stones of the same type as those of Seneca Creek and other points in Frederick county, Maryland, and it is only that they so lie as to offer exceptionally favorable facilities for quarrying and transshipment that the Maryland stone has not thus far proven a more successful competitor. The statistics for the state for 1889 so far as available are as follows: granite 3,835,704 cubic feet, valued at $1,061,202.00, and sandstone, 2,821,430 cubic feet, valued at $120,061.00.

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