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California Printed Sources – N

“Names and Definitions of the Geological Units of California,” by M. Grace Wilmarth, U. S. Geol. Survey Bull. 826, 1931, pp. 1-97.

Names and Places of interest in San Mateo County with Pronunciation, History and Traditions, by Roscoe D. Wyatt, Redwood City, Calif.: Published by the San Mateo County Title Company for the San Mateo County Historical Association, 1936, 30 pp. (from California State Library search)

Napa:  An Architectural Walking Tour, by Anthony R. Kilgallin, Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2001, 128 pp. (from California State Library search)

Napa City and County (California) Portfolio and Directory: Photographic reproductions of picturesque napa county views, showing some of its mountains, valleys and dales, its orchards, vineyards and fruits, its homes, churches and schools, stores, factories, etc., Napa, Cal.: H. A. Darms, 1908, 3 p. (from California State Library search)

Napa County, by C. V. Averill, California Division of Mines Report 25, 1929.

Napa County, by E. S. Boalich, California Division of Mines Report 18, 1922.

Napa County Land Register, Chet F. Wood, and B. E. Hunt, editors, Napa City, Cal.: Hunt & Wood, 1885. (from California State Library search)

A Narrative History of Contra Costa County, by George C. Collier, El Cerrito, Calif.: Super Print, 1983, 171 pp. (from California State Library search)

National Trust Guide - San Francisco: America’s Guide for Architecture and History Travelers, by Peter Booth Wiley, New York : John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2000.

Native Americans of California and Nevada, by Jack D. Forbes, Happy Camp: Naturegraph, 240 pp. ("A ethnographic study of Indian cultures from the prehistoric to present day times, covering an area that today is known as the states of California and Nevada.")

Native Americans on the Central Coast: A Photo Essay Depicting Aspects of the Life of the Native American Community in the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura, exhibit compiled and booklet edited by the members of the Black Gold System Advisory Board in collaboration with John R. Johnson, Ventura, Calif.: Black Gold Cooperative Library System, 1997, 1 vol. (from California State Library search)

Natural History of the Sierra Nevada, by Storer and Usinger, 1963.

Natural Resources of California, by U.S. Department of the Interior, Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1965, 84 pp.

The Natural Wealth of California:  Comprising early history, geography, Topography, and scenery, climate, agriculture and commercial products, geology, zoology, and botany, mineralogy, mines, and mining processes, manufactures, steamship lines, railroads, and commerce, immigration, population and society, educational institutions and literature ; together with a detailed description of each county...., San Francisco: H.H. Bancroft & Company, 1868, 696 pp. (from California State Library search)

The Nature and Origin of Limestone Porosity, by R. B. Hohlt, Colo. School of Mines Quart., vol. 43, no. 4, 1948, 51 pp.

Nevada City, California, Special Folio - U.S. Geological Survey Folio #29, by W. Lindgren, U. S. Geological Survey, 1896, 7 pp, 9 maps.

"Nevada County," by E. MacBoyle, California Journal of Mines and Geology, v. 16, n. 4, 1919, 270 pp.

Nevada County, California: The most prosperous mining county of the United States, where good mines are found in a country with a pereect [sic] climate and all the comforts of civilization, Nevada City, Calif.: Nevada County Promotion Committee, 1915?, 36 pp. (from California State Library search)

Nevada County Directories (1861-1872), Sunnyvale, CA: Bay Microfilm, 1994. (from California State Library search)

Nevada County Directory for 1871-72...complete general and business directory of the residents of Nevada County, Sacramento: H.S. Crocker, 1871, 303 pp. (from California State Library search)

Nevada County Histories, Tucson, Ariz.: American Unlimited, 1974. (from California State Library search)

Nevada County Mining and Business Directory, 1895; Comprising an alphabetically arranged list of residents; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits, city and county officials, churches, schools, secret societies, etc.; historical sketches of Nevada County; an alphabetically arranged list of mines, with engravings and special notices, maps, general information, etc., by John E. Poingdestre, Oakland, Calif.: Pacific Press Publishing Co., 1895, 196 pp. (from California State Library search)

Nevada County Narrow Gauge, by Gerald M. Best, Berkeley, Calif.: Howell-North Books, 1965, 214 pp. (from California State Library search)

A New Caving Procedure at the Crestmore Limestone Mine,” Am. Inst. Min. and Met. Eng. Trans., 1945, vol. 163, pp. 215-224.

“New Emphasis on Geoscience in K-12 Education Leads to Opportunities for Changing Public Perception of the Mineral Industries,” California Geology, vol. 48, July/August 1995, California Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey.

New Riverside Plant to Save Over $1,000,000 Annually,” by J. H. Bergstrom, Rock Products, October 1964, p. 56-62.

"Nineteenth Century Mines and Mineral Spring Resorts of Lake County, California," by Frederick J. Simoons, California Journal of Mines and Geology, Vol. 50, No. 2, April 1954, pp. 295-319.

Ninth Annual Report of the State Mineralogist of California, California Mining Bureau Report 9, William Irelan, Jr., 1890, 352 pp. (pp. 283 includes information on California slate.)

Northern California Industrial Exposition, Eureka, Aug. 13th to 20th, 1921, Eureka, Calif.: Eureka Chamber of Commerce, 1921, 48 pp. (“Issued under the supervision of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce to commemorate the first annual exhibit of the Northern California iNdustrial Exposition.”) (from California State Library search)

Northern California’s Resources,” by M. E. Dittmar in, in California Mines and Minerals, by the  California Miner's Association, San Francisco, 1899.

"A Note on The Texture of the Crestmore Contact Rocks," by K. C. Dunham, Am. Mineral., 18, 1933, pp. 474-477.

"Notes on Mineralization at Crestmore, California," by V. C. Kelley, Am. Mineral., 22, 1937, pp. 140-141.

“Notes on Rocks and Minerals of California,” by H. W. Turner, Am. Jour. Sci., 4 th ser., vol. 5, 1898, pp. 426-427.

"Notes on Some Igneous Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks of the Coast Ranges of California," by H. W. Turner, Jour. Geology, Vol. 6, 1898, pp. 483-499.

"Notes on Some Minerals from Southern California," by Joseph Murdoch and Robert W. Webb," Am. Mineral., 23, 1938, pp. 349-355.

“Notes on the Geology of Eastern California,”American Geologist, by H. F. Fairbanks, vol. 17, 1896, p. 67.

Notes on the Geology of Northern California, Bulletin 34, by J. S. Diller, U. S. Geological Survey, 1886, 23 pp.

Notes on the Stratigraphy of California, Bulletin 19, by G. F. Becker, U. S. Geological Survey, 1885, 28 pp.

Now and Then:  Exploring Mountain View's Architectural Heritage, prepared by the City of Mountain View Planning Department, 1979, 131 pp.

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