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California Printed Sources – D

Davis’ Commercial Encyclopedia of The Pacific Southwest (California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona), edited and published by Ellis A. Davis, Oakland, 1911-1915, 841 pp.

Davis Heritage Buildings: How Many to Start With, How Many Left?, by John Lofland, Woodland, Calif., Yolo County Historical Society, 2000, 18 pp.

Days Gone By in Contra Costa County, California, by Nilda Rego, Pleasant Hill, Calif., Contra Costa County Historical Society, 1997-1998, 2 vols.

Decker-Jewett Bank Collection, 1850-1890, Decker-Jewett Bank (6 manuscript boxes ofBusiness papers, certificates, correspondence, deeds, mining papers, sales of public land materials, tax receipts.” “Note: In 1858, Peter Decker and John H. Jewett took over the business of Marysville, California's first bank from Mark Brumagin & Co. and formed the partnership of Decker and Jewett.”) (from California State Library search)

Deep Roots: An Historical Pageant of Butte County (California), by W. H. Hutchinson, Chico, Calif, 1951. (from California State Library search)

Del Norte County As It Is: Giving its history, growth, wealth and attractions, embracing a political, physical, social and financial history from its settlement to the present year, 1894, Crescent City, J. N. Bowie, 1894, 144 pp. (from California State Library search)

Del Norte County, California and Adjacent Territory, Crescent City, Browder & Munn. (from California State Library search)

Del Norte County Cemeteries: Part of California History, by Gene DuVall, Eureka, CA, 1994. (from California State Library search)

"Del Norte County (California) Geology," Mineral and Science Press, by O. H. Hershey, Vol. 102, 1911, p. 468.

Del Norte County, California; Its Industries, Resources and Capabilities, by Steve W. Scotton, Crescent City, Calif., Crescent City News, 1909, 41 pp.

The Del Norte Indian, by Ernie Coan, Colfax, Calif., 1953. (from California State Library search)

Denial of Disaster: The Untold Story and Photographs of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906, San Francisco : Cameron and Company, 1989.

Description of Inyo County, California, by E. W. Downer & Company, Pasadena, Calif. ?, 1903?, 16 pp. (“Condensed from a review in the Inyo Register.) (from California State Library search)

Description of photographs illustrating the construction of the Lake Frances hydraulic-fill earth and rock dam on Dobbins Creek, Yuba County, California, as constructed in 1901-1902 under direction of James D. Shuyler and J.M. Howells, consulting hydraulic engineers: 1 photograph album, James D. Schuyler and J. M. Howells. (from California State Library search)

Description of San Bernardino County, Its Geography, Topography, Soil, Climate, Resources Etc., by Frank L. Morrill, Los Angeles, Express Printing Co., 1886, 64 pp. (from California State Library search)

"Description of the San Francisco Quadrangle," by Andrew C. Lawson, U. S. Geological Survey Geological Atlas, San Francisco folio (no. 193), 1914.

"Description of the San Luis Quadrangle," by H. W. Fairbanks, U. S. Geological Survey Atlas, San Luis folio (no. 101), 1904, pp. 5.

"Description of the Santa Cruz Quadrangle," by J. C. Branner, U. S. Geological Survey Geological Atlas, Santa Cruz folio (no. 163), 1909.

Descriptive Circular of Shasta County, California, Containing Within Its Boundaries 2,500,000 Acres: Its Resources, Climate, Growth and Future, Redding, Calif., Shasta County Immigration Association, May 1885, 36 pp.

Desert Region of Southern California (Map), California State Mining Bureau (available in 1920).

"Design of Miscellaneous Structures, Breakwaters, and Jetties," U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Preliminary Engineering Manual, Civil Works Construction, Pt. CXXIX, Chapter 4, 1952.

Designation of Regionally Significant Construction Aggregate Resource Areas in The Western San Diego County Production-Consumption Region, prepared by the California Department of Conservation under the direction of the State Mining and Geology Board, Sacramento, Calif., 1984. (from California State Library search)

“Determination of Calcium, Magnesium, and iron in Limestone by Titration with Versenate,” by K. L. Cheng, T. Kurtz, and R. H. Bray, Anal. Chem., v. 24, no. 10, 1952, pp. 1640-1641.

“Determination of Calcium and Magnesium in Limestones and Dolomites,” by J. J. Banewicz and C. T. Kenner, Anal. Chem., v. 24, no. 7, p. 1952, 1186-1187.

The Devil's Shortline: Mt. Diablo and San Jose Railroad, A Forgotten California Narrow Gauge, by Teodore Gusano, III, Albany, Calif., Ross Valley Books, 1988, 12 pp. (from California State Library search)

"Dimension Stone," in Mineral Commodities of California, California Division Mines Bulletin 176, by H. B. Goldman, California Division of Mines and Geology, 1957, pp. 591-606.

Directories of Modesto - Stanislaus (1910-1950), Sunnyvale, CA, Bay Microfilm, 1991. (from California State Library search)

Directory for Sacramento City and County for..., “Publishr varies: F. M. Husted, 1892/93” “Place of publication varies: San Francisco, 1892/93” (“Notes: Containing names, places of business and residences of all the adopt population in the city and county....”) (from California State Library search)

Directory of Grass Valley Township for 1865: containing a historical sketch of Grass Valley, of Allison Ranch, and Forest Springs; also, a description of the principal mines, all the quartz mills, religious and other organizations etc.; forming the most complete mining work ever published in Nevada County, by William S. Byrne,

Directory of Industries, Ventura County, California, Ventura County Economic Development Association, Ventura, Calif., 1953, 22 pp. (from California State Library search)

Directory of Industries and Industrial Properties, Ventura County Economic Association, Camarillo, Calif., 48 pp. (from California State Library search)

Directory of Library and Information Resources in Orange County, Orange County Library Association, 1984, 70 pp. (from California State Library search)

Directory of Orange County Historical Agencies, Historical Societies, Museums and Historical Libraries, by Stephen Gould, Tustin, Calif., Western Association for The Advancement of Local History, 1989. (from California State Library search)

Directory of San Diego City, Coronado and National City: Including Business Directory of Principal Towns in San Diego County (1892-1893), San Diego, Calif., Olmsted Co., 1892-1893. (from California State Library search)

Directory of The County of Placer for The Year 1861: containing a history of the county, and of the different towns in the county, with the names of inhabitants and every thing appertaining to a complete directory, compiled by R.J. Steele, James P. Bull, and F.I. Houston, San Francisco, printed by C. F. Robbins, 1861, 208 pp. (from California State Library search)

Directory of Yolo, Solano, Sutter, Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Placer, Nevada, Yuba, Tehama and Shasta Counties, Giving Names, Occupation, Residence, and Post Office Address of Merchants, Mechanics, Farmers, Laborers, Stock Raisers, Fruit Growers, Hop Growers, Wool Growers, Millmen, Vineyardists, And Wine Manufacturers..., San Francisco Directory Company, 1893-1894.

Discover San Diego, by Leander and Rosalie Peik, San Diego, Sold by Peik’s Enterprises, 1969, 110 pp. (from California State Library search)

Discovering Marin; Historical Tour by Cities and Towns, by Louise Teather, engravings by Mallette Dean, Fairfax, Calif., A. Philpott, 1974, 128 pp. (from California State Library search)

Discovering San Luis Obispo County, byCarleton M. Winslow, Jr., San Luis Obispo, Calif., 1971. (from California State Library search)

Discovering Santa Clara Valley: Cultural, Recreational and Historical Tourguide, Junior League of San Jose, Inc., San Jose, Calif., 1973, 128 pp. (from California State Library search)

"Distinction Between Calcite and Dolomite On Polished Surfaces," John Rodgers, Amer. Jour. Sci., vol. 238, 1940, pp. 788.

District Mining and Descriptive Map of Inyo County, California (1885?), San Francisco, Cal., 1884. (Map) (“Description by J. M. Keeler, Pictoral inset: Sketched by Miss Mollie Stevens.”) (from California State Library search)

"A Diversity of Many Fine Minerals Available in California for Collectors," by John Melhase, Oregon Mineralogist, vol. 2, No. 6, 1934, pp. 1-2, 4; vol. 7, pp. 7-3, 23.

Documents in Architectural History,” By John D. Henderson, A.I.A. with Rae Tauber, The Journal of San Diego History, San Diego Historical Society Quarterly, Fall 1975, Volume 21, Number 4, James E. Moss, Editor Thomas L. Scharf, Assistant Editor, presented by the San Diego History Center(Below are short excerpts from this article.)

The Journal: “The first issue of the California Architecture And Building News was published in February, 1879, by George W. Wolfe and his son, James, both San Francisco architects.  In addition to a regularly published roster of practicing architects, a business directory, published with the journals, concerned itself with the building trades, i.e., Asphaltum Works, Electrical Bells, Blacksmith's Tools, Woodcarvers, etc....”

The Trimming: “The journal commented that bentwood furniture was in vogue, and that woods and wood veneers could be used artistically, especially carriage-work (gingerbread). A story on the quarrying of onyx on the Pacific coast defined the various kinds and their location, where they have been used, and the dollar expenditures on their use in building.”

Downieville, California, Folio - U. S. Geological Survey Folio #37 (California, Geologic Atlas of the United States Folio #37) , by Henry W. Turner, Deparmtent of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., 1897, 8 pp., 1 sheet of illustrations, 4 maps. (from California State Library search)

Durability of Building Materials and Components:  Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference.  Edited by J. M. Baker, P. J. Nixon, A. J. Mujumbar, and H. Davies, Von Nostrand Reinhold, 1991.  (Includes information on Colusa Sandstone.)

Durham's Place Names of California's South Sacramento Valley: Includes Colusa, Sacramento, Sutter, Yuba & Yolo Counties, Word Dancer Press, November 2000, 2001, 94 pp.

"A Dust-Free Plant in the Middle of a Desert," by W. B. Lenhart, Rock Products, vol. 59, no. 8, 1956, pp. 78-83.

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