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Humboldt County - List of Quarries, Etc.*

(* Please note this list does not include sand or gravel quarries.)

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  • Alder Point (south of), Humboldt County, California– White Woman Limestone Deposit (Limestone) (Excerpt from "Limestone in California," by Clarence A. Logan, California Journal of Mines and Geology, Vol. 43, No. 3, July 1947, California Division of Mines, San Francisco, California, pp. 175-357. Used with permission, California Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey.)

    "White Woman deposit is in secs. 20, 29, T. 4 S., R. 5 E., about 8 miles by road south of Alder Point on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad and near Harris P. O. Small outcrops of limestone of apparently good quality are reported."

    The above notes were abstracted from past reports of the California Division of Mines. (Averill, C. V. 41, pp. 516-518;* Lowell, F. L. 16, pp. 393-394**).

    (* Charles Volney Averill, "Mineral Resources of Humboldt County," California Division Mines Report 37, pp. 499-528, 1941.)

    (** F. L. Lowell, "Humboldt County," California Mining Bureau Report 14, pp. 391-414, 1916.)

  • Arcata (5 miles from), Humboldt County, California – Jacoby Creek Sandstone, Mica Schist Quarries, & Limestone Outcropping (Sandstone, Mica Schist, & Limestone) (Excerpt from Report XIV of the State Mineralogist - Mines and Mineral Resources of Portions of California, Chapters of State Mineralogist's Report - Biennial Period 1913-1914, Part III. "The Counties of Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino," by Walter W. Bradley, Field Assistant (field work in August, 1913), California State Mining Bureau, San Francisco, California, 1916, pp. 371-425.)

    "Jacoby Creek Quarry. This quarry is leased by the Pacific Engineering and Construction Company of San Francisco, S. L. G. Knox, president. The quarry is 5 miles from Arcata and the equipment consists of 5 derricks, 90 cars, 3 barges and 1 tug, one 4-drill compressor, 4 compressed air drills, 1 drill sharpener, 2 hoisting cranes and the necessary drill steel. This company has the contract for furnishing the fill for the harbor jetty now being built. The rock is a meta-morphic sandstone and one quarry is a mica schist. This company is supplying the rock for the construction of the jetty at the entrance to Humboldt harbor."

    • Cement. "A cement manufactured from a limestone cropping on Jacoby Creek in Secs. 13 and 14, T. 5 N., R. 1 E., on the property of the Bayside Lumber Company has been tested and analysis made by Smith-Emery & Company of San Francisco, and the following facts as shown by this tension curve, obtained."
      Chart - Tension Curve of Humboldt Bay Cement

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