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Starting with the letter W

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Wagner, Paul. The Stone Carvers (Film, 1984, color, 29 minutes) This film, which is a portrait of the Italian American artisans who carved the gargoyles and the statues of the Washington Cathedral, received both the Emmy and Oscar awards in 1998. It was also a finalist in the 1985 American Film Festival. (A more detailed description of the film is available on the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) web site.)

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Williams, David B. Stories in Stone: Travels Through Urban Geology. Walker & Company, 288 pp., ISBN-10: 0802716229, ISBN-13: 978-0802716224. On his web site Stories in Stone, the author describes his book as: “In my new book, Stories in Stone, I will weave together natural and cultural history to explore the untold life of building stone. The project grows out of my 20-year passion for geology and desire to strengthen my bonds to nature. Each chapter will focus on a particular type of rock and describe my search to learn more about the stone, the particular building or building style that exemplifies its use, and the people involved in construction. Along the way I will interview geologists, explore quarries, and consult with preservationists and historians in order to give readers greater insight into these structures.” (This book is available on amazon.com and other online bookseller web sites.)

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Stone Mountain (StoneMo) Grit Company – Granite Grit for Poultry Advertisement

Stone Mountain (StoneMo) Grit Company – Granite Grit for Poultry Advertisement

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Wyzga, Marilyn. Exploring the Land We Call New Hampshire, An Activity Guide. Concord, New Hampshire: The New Hampshire Historical Society & The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, with grants from Mary Louise Billings Trust, First NH Investment Services, The French Foundation, and New Hampshire State Department of Education in, 1992.

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