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Starting with the letter T

Taber, I. (Isaiah) W. (West). Quarry of the Raymond Granite Company, Raymond, Fresno County, Calif. Photographed by I.W. Taber, ca. 1895. (Restricted Originals. Use Viewing Prints Only, Shelved as BANC PIC 19xx.051-.052--PIC: Use of originals only by permission of the Curator of Pictorial Collections, The Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley.) (Information from California Digital Library, MELVYL Catalog.)

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Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Stone Catalog, circa 1915

Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Stone Catalog, circa 1915

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Trains Magazine, July, 1947. (A couple of the articles are entitled: (1) Monon's Day Express Near Bloomington, and (2) Stone Train on the Monon. These photo captions relate to stone quarries: (1) "Train 75 drifts over one of the bends in Clear Creek just two miles from Harrodsburg. The only major line improvement on the system is this truck built a" the Indiana Stone Railroad in 1899. The Monon's president, W. H. McDoel, and a director, James Murdock, formed the ISRR. Monon leased the line and also bought the bonds issued to help build it. This 10-mile line passes a bad two-way grade with u water-Level route. Part of the old line is still used for local trains to reach quarries." (2) "Full Page Glossy Stone Train on the Monon Work extra 524 picks up some quarry-to-mill cars at a quarry near Bloomington. The huge limestone block are unloaded at mills at Bloomington and Bedford, where they are worked into building stone of various sizes and shapes and then reloaded into mainline freight cars for shipment to buildings sites all over the country. In their completed form the numbered chunks of stone are packed tightly into low side gondolas with generous veneers of excelsior and powdered limestone as a cushion."

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