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Starting with the letter R

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(Contents:  Chapter I.  Introductory:  The Chemistry of Marble – Its Geological Formation – a Short Classification of Marbles; Chapter II.  Antiquity of the Marble Industry – Ancient Quarries and Methods of Working; Chapter III.  Modern Quarries and Quarrying Methods – Machinery Used in Quarrying – European and American Systems Compared; Chapter IV.  Marble as Building Material; Chapter V.  Uses of Marble (other than for Building purposes); Chapter VI.  Sources of Production:  Italian Marbles; Chapter VIII.  Sources of Production:  French and Belgian Marbles; Chapter VIII.  Sources of Production:  Greek Marbles; Chapter IX.  Sources of Production:  Various;  Chapter X.  Sources of Production:  Marbles of the United Kingdom and British Colonies;  Chapter XI.  Continental Marble Working;  Chapter XII.  Marble Working Machinery;  Chapter XIII.  Marble Working in the United States – American Machinery Described and Compared;  Chapter XIV.  Marble Working:  A British Industry;  Chapter XV.  Marble Substitutes and Imitations;  Chapter XVI.  Practical Points for the Consideration of Architects – Hints on the Selection of Marble; Supplementary:  List of Marbles in Ordinary Use with Descriptive Notes and Instances of their Application.)

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“Westminster Cathedral, the principal Roman Catholic cathedral in Britain, is decorated in the Byzantine style with marble and mosaics. It has well over a hundred different varieties of marble from twenty-five countries on five continents, more than any other building in the country. Many of the marbles are ancient. Others are from quarries rediscovered and reopened in the nineteenth century. This book identifies and describes these beautiful natural stones and relates their fascinating history.
“It is believed that this is the first time that the marble decoration of a large building such as Westminster Cathedral has been examined in such detail. The author is the Cathedral Historian and was also for many years Director of Tours, and has been studying and researching the marbles for the last fifteen years. In that time he has spoken to numerous academics, geologists, marble merchants and visitors to the Cathedral from amy different countries, and has conducted a series of tours on the marbles. It is as a result of the considerable interest expressed in a book on the subject that he has produced the present study. In the process he has examined the marbles in a wide range of museums and other buildings, and has traveled all over Europe and into North Africa to discover and explore the old marble quarries. Many photographs of these are included.
“The book opens with the use of marble in history – by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and subsequently up to the Napoleonic period. It continues with the role played by nineteenth century explorers in discovering and opening up the ancient quarries and describes how and when the marbles found were installed in the Cathedral. Another section is concerned with methods and sources available to identify a marble with certainty. The next part deals individually with the most ancient and interesting examples to be found in the Cathedral, their origins and where they can be found elsewhere. There is then an ‘Instant Pictorial Guide’ consisting of large, annotated colour photographs of the Cathedral nave, chapels etc. showing the location of the main marbles in the Cathedral and their countries of origin. This is followed by a complete list of all the marbles by their location and then by a co-ordinated alphabetical list.”

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“During the Depression, silicosis, an industrial lung disease, emerged as a national social crisis. Experts estimated that hundreds of thousands of workers were at risk of disease, disability, and death by inhaling silica in mines, foundries, and quarries. By the 1950s, however, silicosis was nearly forgotten by the media and health professionals. Asking what makes a health threat a public issue, David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz examine how a culture defines disease and how disease itself is understood at different moments in history. They also consider who should assume responsibility for occupational disease.”

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