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Vermillion Cliffs at Kanab

Photographs & Engravings of Early Geological Field Trips


I am presenting the photographs in this section as a way of bringing together photographs of field trips made by early explorers during the 1800s through the early 1900s. As I was using Ernest F. Burchard’s Mineral Resources of Southeastern Alaska (1920) and T. Nelson Dale’s many U.S. Geological Survey books on marble, granite, and slate, I began to wonder about these early geologists and their assistants and their experiences in the field while gathering the information for these books. First, I created the “Some Early Geologists” section of our web site as a way of introducing some of these early people. The photographs presented here will, hopefully, give everyone an idea of what these people went through and what they saw during their travels of exploration. If you have some early geology field trip photographs that you think will fit in with these photographs or if you know of web sites that accomplish the same thing, feel free to contact me so I can add them to the list of links below that provide photographs of early geology field trips. Peggy B. Perazzo

Some Online Geology Field Trip Photograph Links

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