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Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Stone Catalog

Front Cover to Tompkins-Kiel Catalog

Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Stone Catalog

Distributors of Marble – Stone

505 Fifth Avenue, New York

Chicago – San Francisco

The following pages contain images of the Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Marble-Stone products catalog.  There is no date of publication in the book, although it was probably published in the early 1900s.  Similar Tompkins-Kiel product catalogs that I found on the Internet are listed as being published circa 1915. (If you can ascertain the date of this catalog, I was like to hear from you.)

Owners of these catalogs were initially issued a set of photographs to which more stone photographs were added over time. Once the owners of the books started adding new photographs, the books would no longer remain in the same order as there are no page or plate numbers, and they might not contain the same color photographs because some owners may have chosen not to add all of the photographs or they may not have received all of the new photographs. (I have included an image of what the pages that present the stone photographs look like in the book and a transcript of the names of the stones included in this particular catalog below.)

Time and usage has caused this book to curve backwards on the top and bottom edges, so these margins may appear distorted in the scans. Also, the linen upon which the colored photographs are mounted has unraveled on many of the pages leaving many threads hanging loosely about the edges of the pages.  After the back cover I have included a scan of the back of one of the pages so you can view the appearance of the linen pages.

If you are interested in reading more about these stones, you will find some of them listed in the “Names and Origins” section of the Stone Quarry and Beyond web site or on web sites such as the “Stone Album” on the FindStone.com website.

Peggy B. Perazzo – email:  pbperazzo@comcast.net

List of Stones Presented in the copy of the
Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company Stone Catalog

(Please note that I have listed the same stones together, but the previous owner of the book did not always place stone names together so you might have to look around a little to find the correct photos in the book. Unfortunately, there are no page numbers or plate numbers to follow – only the names of the stones located beneath each stone photo. Peggy B. Perazzo)

Madre Veined Alabama Marble (3 matched panels photos)

Eastman’s Blanc Clair Marble

Eastman’s M Paovnazzo Marble

Eastman’s Cream Statuary Marble

Eastman’s Green Veined Cream Marble

Eastman’s B. C. Cipolin Marble

Pink Kasota Fleuri Marble (polished and honed)

Pink Kasota Veine Marble  (polished and honed)

Yellow Kasota Veine Marble

Cenere Marble

Pedrara Onyx  (3 polished photos)

Napoleon Gray Marble

Iona Fleuri Marble (polished and honed)

Batesville Light Marble

Batesville Dark Marble  (polished and honed)

Eastman’s Oxford Fleuri Marble  (polished and honed)

Red Ark Fossil Marble  (polished and honed)

Verde Antique (Imported)

York Fossil Marble  (polished and honed)

Westfield Green Marble  (polished and honed)

Light Birdseye Marble

Dark Birdseye Marble

Alamora Marble

Madre Cream Alabama Marble

Champville Marble

Yellow Kasota Fleuri Marble

Royal Jersey Green Marble

Nebo Golden Travis Marble (2 photos)

Sonora Marble

Eastman’s Sienna Marble

Genuine Hauteville Vein Marble (sawn across the bed) (Imported)

Jaune Nile Veine Marble  (sawn across the bed) (Imported)

Genuine Hauteville Fleuri (sawn with the bed) (Imported)

Black Travertine  (sawn with the bed) (Imported)

Monte Turquesa Marble (Imported)

Monte Aurato Marble (Imported)

Monte Opal Marble (Imported)

Vert Maurin Marble (Imported)

Bonded Pink Tennessee Marble

Yellow Travertine Antique (Imported)

Monte Perla (Imported)

Shell Melangé Marble (Imported)

Eagle Cippolino (Imported)

Mastergray Marble (Imported)

Golden Rod Sandstone (Imported)

Creamtone Sandstone (Imported)

Silvertone Sandstone (Imported)

Tom-Kiel-Belgium Black Marble (“The Finest and Cheapest Black in the World”)

Tom-Kiel Emerald Curley Green Marble (Imported)

St. Genevieve Golden Vein Marble

Wellington Cream Marble

Juraville Marble (Imported)

Fantastico Viola Marble (Imported)

Fantastico Vert (Imported)

Stones Suitable for Exterior and Interior Uses (on one page)

Dunville Marble

Silvertone Marble

African Cream White Lens Marble

Littleton Marble

Portwing Marble

Golden Rod Marble

Sandpete Marble

Silverdale Marble

Kettle River Marble

Opaline Granite

Monte Skyrose (Imported)

Black Diamond Granite

Monte Verde Oriental (Imported)

French Pink Tennessee

French Rose Pink Tennessee

Monte Cipolin (Imported)

Languedoc Marble

Biesanz American Travertine

Regal Blue Fleuri Marble

Rose Corail Marble (Imported)

Vert Corail Claire Marble (Imported)

Graymole Marble (polished) (Imported)

Premier Gray Marble (Imported)

Rouge Incarnat (Imported)

Premier French Grand Antique (Imported)

Montenelle (Imported)

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