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From Quarry to Cemetery Monuments

by Peggy B. Perazzo

Marble Quarry at Proctor, Vermont Arrow pointing right Marble cemetery stone at the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento, California


This presentation grew out of a presentation that I gave the following at the Davis Cemetery in Yolo County, California, on Sunday, February 28th, 2009. The event was sponsored by the Davis Cemetery District and the Yolo County Historical Society. The focus of the Davis presentation was more on the signed marble stones in Yolo County, but I decided to enlarge the scope of the presentation so that it includes the old northern Califrnia cemetery stones – and related subjects. If you have any questions regarding this presentation, feel free to contact me. Peggy B. Perazzo.

My husband Pat and I maintain 2 web sites: the Yolo County CAGenWeb Project web site, which presents historical information and photographs of Yolo County, including a Yolo County Cemetery section; and the other web site is the web site that you are viewing this document entitled “Stone Quarries and Beyond,” which is about historic stone quarries, stone carvers, monumental companies, and related subjects.

By using the photographs and history in this section, I want to try to give you a sense of the progression of the rock in the quarries and ending with the marble cemetery monuments created in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s that we find in our northern California cemeteries today.

Included in the menu for this presentation is a list of Resources and References in case you would like to explore these subjects more fully. Also included is a list of the stone carver and monument company names that I have found on Yolo County cemetery stones so far.

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