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Murphys - Calaveras County

The Murphy's Hotel
Murphy's Hotel

We next visited the town of Murphys. Murphys has been refurbished, is well-taken care of, and has many visitors. It was one of the most crowded towns that we visited on this trip. In Murphys' the old buildings are mainly of brick and quarried limestone.

Street View, Murphys
Street view, Murphys
Mitchler Hotel
Mitchler Hotel, Murphys

Used with permission of the California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology from Bulletin 141 (Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49, Bulletin 141), (1948).

Murphys - Photo #1 Murphys - Photo #2
Murphys - Photo #3 Murphys - Photo #4

Murphys - Some of the buildings are built with brick and quarried and rough-dressed blue limestone.

Murphy's Hotel (online photograph and information)

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