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Columbia Marble Quarries - Tuolumne County

Marble Quarry Near Columbia
Marble Quarry Near Columbia

Driving northward we chose not to visit the marble quarries at Columbia on this trip. The Bell Marble Works quarry is located in the Marble Quarry RV Camping grounds and is open to the public. The largest Columbia marble quarries are now privately owned. (You can purchase a walking trip guide from the store at the Marble Quarry RV park that will provide further information to your walk to the Bell Marble Works quarry.)

The earliest quarrying in the Columbia area began about 1852 and marble was shipped to San Francisco. There were some beautiful quarries, but today the present company is blasting the limestone to small pieces and trucking it out to be used as aggregate for use in products such as road work, chicken feed, and antacid products. Dimension stone is no longer being quarried in the area. The area also has a few old granite quarries, but we did not try and locate them during this trip.

Columbia Marble Quarry Bell Marble Works - Columbia
Columbia Marble Quarry Bell Marble Works Quarry

Used with permission of the California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology from Bulletin 141 (Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49, Bulletin 141), (1948).

(Please Note: For a detailed trip of the Bell Marble Works and an old marble quarry at Columbia, which includes photographs, please see our trip entitled, "Columbia Marble Quarries Visit." Use your "Back" button to return to this site.)

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